Looking for something to do today with the kiddos? We (4 kids ranged from 1 1/2 to 8) spent the day yesterday at the Playseum in Capital Hill (also a Bethesda location). Totally worth the 30-minute drive for the hours of fun that they had. The Playseum is divided into a bunch of differently-themed rooms (“cityshops“) where the kids can touch and play with everything. My daughter enjoyed making homemade lip balm and getting her nails painted and then spent an hour playing grocery store clerk in a great room stocked with hundreds of groceries, carts, and registers — and lots of eager “shoppers”! My son enjoyed decorating a cupcake and making a homemade milkshake! He then spent a huge amount of time in the art room painting pictures and using all the fun art accessories.

Take a peek at their Web site for pictures and descriptions, but trust me, worth every penny and the drive. Be warned though — parking is not easy at either location. So, if you have another adult with you, have them drop you off while they look for parking. Also, they allow you to bring lunch in (no peanut products please), so you really can make a day out of it!

The admission price is totally reasonable and I like the fact that they sell drinks and snacks for fair prices (NOT movie theater prices!). It made me feel as if they knew my needs as a mom with a kid who becomes thirsty the moment they went anywhere and weren’t trying to make an extra buck or three. The staff was great — very sweet to all my children — engaging them in friendly conversation. Also, there was always someone who was picking up toys and tidying the place up as the tornado of kids blew through each room. The best part — they had a smile on their face the whole time — no annoyed employees here!

From their Web site:

The Be with Me Playseum is here for the whole family, whatever the age. Admission is $6.00 per person- siblings under 10 months are free! Kids who love the Playseum most are those who have just learned to walk all the way up to 11 years old.

What’s a Playseum???
We are a children’s used bookstore in the design of a city, with hands-on fun! We want to bring family and community together under one roof in a great atmosphere, so parents and children can come in feeling good and leave feeling great!

There is never a dull moment here!  Click on “cityshops” and view the various rooms within the playseum where you can read and play with your children!

Our ONE scheduled event each day is our story time. Story times run for about 15 minutes each Monday – Friday at 11am on Saturdays 11am, 2pm and 5pm and on Sundays at 2pm and 5pm.

Besides buying your favorite children’s book or the latest kid’s cookbook, purchase playseum money to do some of our “above and beyond” activities, and enjoy more interactive fun with your child!  You can: create something new in the art room, paint a ceramic, make your own chapstick, have your nails painted, make homemade pasta (DC location only), toothpaste (Bethesda location only) whip up a strawberry smoothie or decorate a cupcake with yummy toppings, and so much more!

The best part? Is that you do not need to call ahead, no reservations needed nor memberships.  Come in on your own time and spend as long as you would like. Your admission covers the whole day and with a wristband you can go out for lunch and come back in on the same day.