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Our family had the pleasure of attending the Big Apple Circus LEGENDARIUM at the Dulles Town Center. Circuses have come a long way since the days of dusty tents, stereo-typical clowns and the such. This modern-day circus was multidimensional — engaging all your senses from live music, stunning costumes and acrobatics in every way you can imagine. I was thoroughly impressed by the range of acts and the athleticism of the performers. Their skills left you entertained, amazed and with the desire to go home and do a few sit ups of your own!

The theme of this years Big Apple Circus is LEGENDARIUM. The congenial ringmaster travel backs with the audience to when circus traditions were born. He not only introduces the audience to incredible acts, but give them fun facts about how the origins of the big tent circus became. Throughout the 2-hour performance we are also delighted by the Acrobuffos — a clown duo with endless energy, a penchant for physical comedy, and lovable personalities! Does your child have a fear of clowns? Well, Madame and Messieur, demonstrate to the audience how their wigs and masks come off — and underneath are 2 regular people! I thought it was a great family-friendly thing to do!

I highly recommend the Big Apple Circus LEGENDARIUM! At their Web site you can learn more about the cast, acts and talent that make up this one-ring circus. Also, there are no bad seats! The large tents hides the fact that you are never far from the entertainment — the setting is actually quite intimate.

The World Premiere of LEGENDARIUM began Thursday, September 20 and runs for 28 performances through Monday, October 8, 2012, under the Big Top at Dulles Town Center, 45630 Dulles Center Blvd. Tickets  start at $25 and you can buy tickets online at or by calling (888) 541-3750. The Circus Box Office at Dulles Town Center is open Tues–Fri, 10AM–8PM; Sat–Mon, 10AM–6PM.